martedì 22 settembre 2009

DR. HOUSE 6° SERIE (Sub Ita)

6x01_6x02: Broken
6x03: Epic Fail
6x04: The Tyrant
6x05: Instant Karma
6x06: Brave Heart
6x07: Known Unknowns
6x08: Teamwork
6x09: Ignorance Is Bliss

6x10: Wilson
6x11: The Down Low 
6x12: Remorse 
6x13: Moving The Chains
6x14: 5 To 9 
6x15: Private Lives  
6x16: Black Hole
6x17: Lockdown 
6x18: Knight Fall 
6x19: Open And Shut
6x20: The Choice
6x21: Baggage  
6x22: Help Me

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