sabato 8 ottobre 2011

martedì 4 ottobre 2011


7x01: The New Boss
7x02: Hello Cruel World
7x03: The Girl Next Door
7x04: Defending Your Life
7x05: Shut Up Dr. Phil
7x06: Slash Fiction  
7x07: The Mentalists
7x08: Season Seven,Time For A Wedding!  
7x09: How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters
7x10: Death's Door 
7x11: Adventures In Babysitting  
7x12: Time After Time After Time 
7x13: The Slice Girl 
7x14: Pucky Pennywhistles Magic Managerie 
7x15: Repo Man 
7x16: Out With The OId 
7x17: The Born-Again Identity 
7x18: Party On Garth 
7x19: Of Grave Importance 
7x20: The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo 
7x21: Reading Is Fundamental 
7x22: There Will Be Blood 
7x23: Survival Of The Fittest 


3x01: The Birthday
3x02: The Hybrid  
3x03: The End Of The Affair
3x04: Disturbing Behavior 
3x05: The Reckoning
3x06: Smells Like Teen Spirit
3x07: Ghost World
3x08: Ordinary People  
3x09: Homecoming 
3x10: The New Deal 
3x11: Our Town
3x12: The Ties That Bind  
3x13: Bringing Out The Dead 
3x14: Dangerous Liaisons 
3x15: All My Children 
3x16: 1912 
3x17: Break On Through
3x18: The Murder Of One  
3x19: Heart Of Darkness 
3x20: Do Not Go Gentle 
3x21: Before Sunset 
3x22: The Departed

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