martedì 28 settembre 2010


6x01: Exile On Main Street
6x02: Two And A Half Men
6x03: The Third Man
6x04: Weekend At Bobby's 
6x05: Live Free Or Twi-Hard 
6x06: You Can't Handle The Truth 
6x07: Family Matters 
6x08: All Dogs Go To Heaven 
6x09: Clap Your Hands If You Believe
6x10: Caged Heat 
6x11: Appointment In Samarra 
6x12: Like A Virgin  
6x13: Unforgiven
6x14: The Reckoning 
6x15: The French Mistake 
6x16: And Then There Were None 
6x17: My Heart Will Go On 
6x18: Frontierland 
6x19: Mommy Dearest 
6x20: The Man Who Would Be King 
6x21: Let It Bleed
6x22: The Man Who Knew Too Much 


10x01: Lazarus
10x02: Shield
10x03: Supergirl 
10x04: Homecoming
10x05: Isis  
10x06: Harvest 
10x07: Ambush
10x08: Abandoned  
10x09: Patriot
10x10: Luthor  
10x11: Icarus
10x12: Collateral  
10x13: Beacon
10x14: Masquerade
10x15: Fortune
10x16: Scion  
10x17: Kent 
10x18: Booster 
10x19: Dominion
10x20: Prophecy 
10x21_10x22: Finale 


3x01: Red Sky At Night
3x02: Cackle-Bladder Blood
3x03: The Blood On His Hands  
3x04: Red Carpet Treatment 
3x05: The Red Ponies 
3x06: Pink Chanel Suit 
3x07: Red Hot 
3x08: Ball Of Fire 
3x09: Red Moon 
3x10: Jolly Red Elf 
3x11: Bloodsport 
3x12: Bloodhounds 
3x13: Red Alert 
3x14: Blood For Blood
3x15: Red Gold 
3x16: Red Queen 
3x17: Bloodstream 
3x18: The Red Mile 
3x19: Every Rose Has Its Thorn 
3x20: Redacted 
3x21: Like A Redhead Stepchild 
3x22: Rhapsody In Red 
3x23_3x24: Strawberries And Cream 


7x01: With You I'm Born Again
7x02: Shock To The System
7x03: Superfreak 
7x04: Can't Fight Biology 
7x05: Almost Grown 
7x06: These Arms Of Mine 
7x07: That's Me Trying 
7x08: Something's Gotta Give 
7x09: Slow Night,So Long 
7x10: Adrift And At Peace 
7x11: Disarm 
7x12: Start Me Up 
7x13: Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) 
7x14: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 
7x15: Golden Hour 
7x16: Not Responsible 
7x17: This Is How We Do It 
7x18: Song Beneath The Song 
7x19: It's A Long Way Back 
7x20: White Wedding 
7x21: I Will Survive 
7x22: Unaccompanied Minor 

lunedì 27 settembre 2010


3x01: Olivia
3x02: The Box
3x03: The Plateau  
3x04: Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep 
3x05: Amber 31422 
3x06: 6955 kHZ 
3x07: The Abducted 
3x08: Entrada 
3x09: Marionette
3x10: The Firefly 
3x11: Reciprocity 
3x12: Concentrate And Ask Again 
3x13: Immortality
3x14: 6B 
3x15: Subject 13 
3x16: Os 
3x17: Stowaway 
3x18: Bloodline 
3x19: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 
3x20: 6.02 AM EST 
3x21: The Last Sam Weiss 
3x22: The Day We Died 

BONES 6° SERIE (Sub Ita)

6x01: The Mastodon In The Room
6x02: The Couple In The Cave
6x03: The Maggots In The Meathead
6x04: The Body In The Bounty 
6x05: The Bones That Weren't 
6x06: The Shallow In The Deep 
6x07: The Babe In The Bar 
6x08: The Twisted Bones In The Melted Truck 
6x09: The Doctor In The Photo 
6x10: The Body In The Bag 
6x11: The Bullet In The Brain 
6x12: The Sin In The Sisterhood 
6x13: The Daredevil In The Mold
6x14: The Bikini In The Soup  
6x15: The Killer In The Crosshairs 
6x16: The Blackout In The Blizzard 
6x17: The Feet On The Beach 
6x18: The Truth In The Myth 
6x19: The Finder 
6x20: The Pinocchio In The Planter 
6x21: The Signs In The Silence 
6x22: The Hole In The Heart 
6x23: The Change In The Game 

NCIS 8° SERIE (Sub Ita)

8x01: Spider And The Fly
8x02: Worst Nightmare
8x03: Short Fuse 
8x04: Royals And Loyals 
8x05: Dead Air 
8x06: Cracked 
8x07: Broken Arrow 
8x08: Enemies Foreign 
8x09: Enemies Domestic 
8x10: False Witness 
8x11: Ships In The Night 
8x12: Recruited 
8x13: Freedom
8x14: A Man Walks Into A Bar
8x15: Defiance 
8x16: Kill Screen 
8x17: One Last Score 
8x18: Out Of The Frying Pan 
8x19: Tell-All 
8x20: Two-Faced
8x21: Dead Reflection
8x22: Baltimore
8x23: Swan Song
8x24: Pyramid 



2x01: L'Incidente
2x02: Missione K.O
2x03: Operazione Ordine 23
2x04: Il Talento Di Widmark
2x05: Strategia Della Paura
2x06: Il Gioco Delle Tre Carte 
2x07: Battuti Sul Tempo
2x08: La Truffa Dei Diamanti 
2x09: L'Eredità Contesa 
2x10: Diffidare Dalle Imitazioni 
2x11: La Stangata 
2x12: L'Uovo Di Faberge 
2x13: Morto Che Parla
2x14: Lo Sport Nazionale 
2x15: Il Falcone Maltese 

CHUCK 4° SERIE (Sub Ita)

4x01: Chuck Vs The Anniversary
4x02: Chuck Vs The Suitcase 
4x03: Chuck Vs The Cubic Z 
4x04: Chuck Vs The Coup D'Etat
4x05: Chuck Vs The Couch Lock 
4x06: Chuck Vs The Aisle Of Terror 
4x07: Chuck Vs The First Fight
4x08: Chuck Vs The Fear Of Death 
4x09: Chuck Vs Phase Three
4x10: Chuck Vs The Leftovers 
4x11: Chuck Vs The Balcony 
4x12: Chuck Vs The Gobbler  
4x13: Chcuk Vs The Push Mix 
4x14: Chuck Vs The Seduction Impossible
4x15: Chuck Vs The Cat Squad 
4x16: Chuck Vs The Masquerade
4x17: Chuck Vs The First Bank Of Evil 
4x18: Chuck Vs The A-Team 
4x19: Chuck Vs The Muuurder 
4x20: Chuck Vs The Family Volkoff  
4x21: Chuck Vs The Wedding Planner 
4x22: Chuck Vs The Agent X 
4x23: Chuck Vs The Last Details 
4x24: Chuck Vs The Cliffhanger 

DR. HOUSE 7° SERIE (Sub Ita)

7x01: Now What
7x02: Selfish
7x03: Unwritten 
7x04: Massagge Therapy
7x05: Unplanned Parenthood  
7x06: Office Politics
7x07: A Pox On Our House 
7x08: Small Sacrifices 
7x09: Larger Than Life 
7x10: Carrot Or Stick 
7x11: Family Practice
7x12: You Must Remember This 
7x13: Two Stories 
7x14: Recession Proof 
7x15: Bombshells 
7x16: Out Of The Chute 
7x17: Fall From Grace 
7x18: The Dig 
7x19: Last Temptation 
7x20: Changes 
7x21: The Fix 
7x22: After Hours 
7x23: Moving On 

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