lunedì 27 settembre 2010

NCIS 8° SERIE (Sub Ita)

8x01: Spider And The Fly
8x02: Worst Nightmare
8x03: Short Fuse 
8x04: Royals And Loyals 
8x05: Dead Air 
8x06: Cracked 
8x07: Broken Arrow 
8x08: Enemies Foreign 
8x09: Enemies Domestic 
8x10: False Witness 
8x11: Ships In The Night 
8x12: Recruited 
8x13: Freedom
8x14: A Man Walks Into A Bar
8x15: Defiance 
8x16: Kill Screen 
8x17: One Last Score 
8x18: Out Of The Frying Pan 
8x19: Tell-All 
8x20: Two-Faced
8x21: Dead Reflection
8x22: Baltimore
8x23: Swan Song
8x24: Pyramid 


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