mercoledì 29 settembre 2010


7x01: Remember Paul
7x02: You Must Meet My Wife
7x03: Truly Content 
7x04: The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside  
7x05: Let Me Entertain You 
7x06: Excited And Scared 
7x07: A Humiliating Business 
7x08: Sorry Grateful 
7x09: Pleasant Little Kingdom 
7x10: Down The Block There's A Riot 
7x11: Assassins 
7x12: Where Do I Belong 
7x13: I'm Still Here 
7x14: Flashback 
7x15: Farewell Letter 
7x16: Searching 
7x17: Everything's Different Nothing's Changed 
7x18: Moments In The Woods 
7x19: The Lies Ill-Concealed 
7x20: I'll Swallow Poison On Sunday 
7x21: Then I Really Got Scared  
7x22_7x23: And Lots Of Security _ Come On Over For Dinner 

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