lunedì 27 settembre 2010

DR. HOUSE 7° SERIE (Sub Ita)

7x01: Now What
7x02: Selfish
7x03: Unwritten 
7x04: Massagge Therapy
7x05: Unplanned Parenthood  
7x06: Office Politics
7x07: A Pox On Our House 
7x08: Small Sacrifices 
7x09: Larger Than Life 
7x10: Carrot Or Stick 
7x11: Family Practice
7x12: You Must Remember This 
7x13: Two Stories 
7x14: Recession Proof 
7x15: Bombshells 
7x16: Out Of The Chute 
7x17: Fall From Grace 
7x18: The Dig 
7x19: Last Temptation 
7x20: Changes 
7x21: The Fix 
7x22: After Hours 
7x23: Moving On 

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