venerdì 30 settembre 2011


8x01_8x02: Free Falling_She's Gone
8x03: Take The Lead
8x04: What Is It About Men
8x05: Love, Loss And Legacy  
8x06: Poker Face
8x07: Put Me In Coach
8x08: Heart-Shaped Box
8x09: Dark Was The Night 
8x10: Suddenly   
8x11: This Magic Moment
8x12: Hope For The Hopeless
8x13: If Then
8x14: All You Need Is Love
8x15: Have You Seen Me Lately
8x16: If Only You Were Lonely  
8x17: One Step Too Far
8x18: The Lion Sleeps Tonight  
8x19: Support System
8x20: The Girl With No Name 
8x21: Moment Of Truth  
8x22: Let The Bad Times Roll 
8x23: Migration
8x24: Flight 

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