sabato 8 ottobre 2011

NCIS 9° SERIE (Sub Ita)

9x01: Nature Of The Beast
9x02: Restless
9x03: Penelope's Papers
9x04: Enemy On The Hill 
9x05: Safe Harbor
9x06: Thirst  
9x07: Devil's Triangle
9x08: Engaged (Part 1)  
9x09: Engaged (Part 2)
9x10: Sins Of The Father  
9x11: Newborn King 
9x12: Housekeeping 
9x13: A Desperate Man  
9x14: Life Before His Eyes 
9x15: Secrets
9x16: Psych Out  
9x17: Need To Know
9x18: The Tell 
9x19: The Good Son 
9x20: The Missionary Position 
9x21: Rekindled 
9x22: Playing With Fire 
9x23: Up In Smoke 
9x24: Till Death Do Us Part


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