sabato 3 ottobre 2009


3x01: A Death In The Family
3x02: The Way We Were
3x03: Right Here,Right Now
3x04: Pushing The Limits
3x05: Strange Bedfellows
3x06: Slip Slidin' Away
3x07: The Hard Part
3x08: Sins Of The Father
3x09: The Parent Trap
3x10: Blowups

3x11: Another Second Chance 
3x12: Best Laid Plans
3x13: Shotgun 
3x14: Love Bites
3x15: Til Death Do Us Part  
3x16: Fear Of Flying
3x17: Triangles 
3x18: Pulling The Plug
3x19: Eyes Wide Open  
3x20: Second Choices
3x21: War
3x22: In The Name Of Love  
3x23: The End Of A Beautiful Friendship

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