giovedì 4 ottobre 2012


5x01: The Crimson Ticket
5x02: Devil's Cherry 
5x03: Not One Red Cent 
5x04: Good Feud
5x05: Red Dawn
5x06: Cherry Picked  
5x07: If It Bleeds,It Leads
5x08: Red Sails In The Sunset 
5x09: Black Cherry 
5x10: Panama Red 
5x11: Days Of Wine And Roses 
5x12: Little Red Corvette 
5x13: The Red Barn  
5x14: Red In Tooth And Claw
5x15: Red Lacquer Nail Polish 
5x16: There Will Be Blood  
5x17: Red, White And Blue
5x18: Behind The Red Curtain  
5x19: Red Letter Day 
5x20: Red Velvet Cupcakes 
5x21: Red And Itchy
5x22: Red John's Rules

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