sabato 19 ottobre 2013


9x01: I Think I'm Gonna Liker It Here
9x02: Devil May Care
9x03: I'm No Angel 
9x04: Slumber Party 
9x05: Dog Dean Afternoon
9x06: Heaven Can't Wait  
9x07: Bad Boys 
9x08: Rock And A Hard Place 
9x09: Holy Terror
9x10: Road Trip 
9x11: First Born  
9x12: Sharp Teeth 
9x13: The Purge
9x14: Captives
9x15: #THINMAN
9x16: Blade Runners 
9x17: Mother's Little Helper
9x18: Meta Fiction
9x19: Alex Annie Alexis Ann  
9x20: Bloodlines
9x21: King Of The Damned
9x22: Stairway To Heaven 

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