mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

THE MENTALIST 6° SERIE (Sub Ita) (Streaming)

6x01: The Desert Rose
6x02: Black-Winged Red Bird
6x03: Wedding In Red 
6x04: Red Listed 
6x05: The Red Tattoo  
6x06: Fire And Brimstone 
6x07: The Great Red Dragon 
6x08: Red John 
6x09: My Blue Heaven
6x10: Green Thumb 
6x11: White Lines 
6x12: The Golden Hammer  
6x13: Black Helicopters 
6x14: Grey Water   
6x15: White  As The Driven Snow
6x16: Violets  
6x17: Silver Wings Of Time 
6x18: Forest Green
6x19: Brown Eyed Girls 
6x20: Il Tavolo Bianco
6x21: Black Hearts 
6x22: Blue Birds

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